At Gregory FCA, we’re passionate about growing our clients’ businesses through the power of public relations and investor relations.

Expert communicators. Deep and lasting media relationships. Experienced view of what investors need to hear. A commitment to leading-edge communications technologies. Open and transparent client services and reporting. That’s what accounts for our 30 years of success.

At Gregory FCA, we’re a 30-year success story, forged by exceeding client expectations during every engagement. As one of the nation’s 30 largest PR firms, we take a fundamentally different approach. We start by understanding the client and then crafting stories that are newsworthy and aligned with real-world business objectives. We then tell that story through a network of media contacts 30 years in the making. Journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, and influencers who rely on us to help frame angles, find the facts, uncover new storylines. 

We also boast seasoned IR pros that will cut through the noise to make sure the investment community gets your value. We start by refining your message. Then we disseminate it across multiple channels while creating a program that builds c-suite credibility and ensure consistency. With experience through all business cycles and across market caps, we understand IR is more art than science.  And we take the boutique approach needed for each client.

Then, we amplify that story, through content that supports the message. Gregory FCA’s proprietary Here+Now video makes it easy to produce on-the-fly content to address news as it breaks in real time. Our in-house editorial team writes like journalists because they were journalists. Our creative team produces graphics and visual assets that make stories compelling. Our social media professionals know how to leverage platforms and content. And our legendary, in-house media training teaches clients how to transform interviews into feature stories and return appearances. 

Behind it all is our service. We are there when you need us. Never counting hours or going dark. We are all available, accessible, accountable. All in the service to clients. To grow businesses. Build awareness. Create credibility. And ultimately build the value of an enterprise.

meet the team

.Jenn LoConte.
Jenn LoConte
Account Director
.Ransford Whaumbush.
Ransford Whaumbush
Business Development and Marketing Manager
.Darby Rowe.
Darby Rowe
Associate Vice President
.Mike Lizun.
Mike Lizun
Executive Vice President
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A student of the media. Who the media regularly turns to and engages with for ideas and answers. Over 20 years, Mike has built a network of thousands of media contacts, across some of the most technical issues in our economy. A media pro whose inquiries get noticed and win coverage for clients ranging from hot start-ups to global leaders.

.Kali Gill.
Kali Gill
Senior Account Executive
.Mike Kearney.
Mike Kearney
.Kevin Mckeighan.
Kevin Mckeighan
Account Coordinator
.Semray Onal.
Semray Onal
Account Executive
.Lauryn Rotonda.
Lauryn Rotonda
Account Supervisor
.Joe Anthony.
Joe Anthony
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Strategist. Financial industry focused communicator with 20 years experience. Strong understanding of how messages, storytelling and marketing work in the nuanced ecosystem of financial services. Extensive media relations track record and go-to-market ideation capabilities supporting wealth management, investment products, fintech and financial services providers.

.Angelique Platas.
Angelique Platas
Social Media Staff Writer
.Maggie McCreesh.
Maggie McCreesh
Account Coordinator
.Ankit Patel.
Ankit Patel
Account Executive
.Monica Estrada.
Monica Estrada
Senior Account Executive
.Jenna Silverblatt.
Jenna Silverblatt
Account Executive
.Rayna Synnestvedt.
Rayna Synnestvedt
Account Executive
.Fran Merlie.
Fran Merlie
Vice President, Editorial & Content
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Storyteller. Wordsmith. Grammar nerd. Defender of serial commas. Fran has spent eight years at Gregory FCA helping clients find and tell their stories, raise executive profiles, and grow audiences through compelling written content. 

.Brooke Swales.
Brooke Swales
Assistant Account Executive
.Joe Hassett.
Joe Hassett
Senior Vice President
.Mark Grandstaff.
Mark Grandstaff
Account Supervisor
.Christian Rizzo.
Christian Rizzo
Vice President
.Josh Lusk.
Josh Lusk
Digital Marketing Director
.Rodneya Ross.
Rodneya Ross
Senior Account Executive
.Kathleen Elicker.
Kathleen Elicker
Senior Account Executive
.Erin Ahlefeld.
Erin Ahlefeld
Account Executive
.Trevor Davis.
Trevor Davis
Vice President
.Emily Durkin.
Emily Durkin
Account Executive
.Amanda Lauzon.
Amanda Lauzon
Business Development Account Executive
.Elizabeth Gavin.
Elizabeth Gavin
Social Media Specialist
.Alex Ortiz.
Alex Ortiz
Assistant Account Executive
.Ben Friedman.
Ben Friedman
Social Media Content Creator
.Julianna Lopez.
Julianna Lopez
Senior Account Executive
.Dan Callahan.
Dan Callahan
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No east/west coast rivalry here. This long time Gregory FCA’er has spent time living on both coasts.

.Mike St. Martine.
Mike St. Martine
Executive Creative Director
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Brand storyteller. Multidisciplinary designer. Creative thinker. Mike always looks to create experiences that bring brands to life and add substance to their stories. He brings his 17+ years of experience that span a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to financial services and everything in between.

.Jacqueline Tammaro.
Jacqueline Tammaro
Account Supervisor
.Melissa Rubbelke.
Melissa Rubbelke
Account Director
.Laurie Roma.
Laurie Roma
Vice President, Social Media
.Greg Matusky.
Greg Matusky
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Strategic. Senior. Writer. Doer and Storyteller. There isn’t a communications challenge Greg hasn’t seen and addressed over a 30-year career that began as a national business writer and now touches clients who operate around the world. 

.Erin Jacob.
Erin Jacob
Senior Account Executive
.Adam Feinstein.
Adam Feinstein
Art Director
.Anna Patrick.
Anna Patrick
Account Director
.Denise DiMeglio.
Denise DiMeglio
Senior Vice President
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This team lead is no stranger to the media, having spent many years at Bloomberg Radio and Television.

.Ryan Nasto.
Ryan Nasto
Account Executive
.Brian Ferrie.
Brian Ferrie
Managing Editor, Financial Services
.Klaudia Wierzbowska.
Klaudia Wierzbowska
Senior Account Executive
.Rocco Aloe.
Rocco Aloe
Account Director
.Rachel Esposito.
Rachel Esposito
Account Coordinator
.Kerry Davis.
Kerry Davis
Senior Vice President
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Creative financial communicator. Loyal client advocate. Focused solely on supporting financial services firms for 13 years, Kerry knows how to thoughtfully position client stories and messages to the media, key stakeholders and investors in ways that generate difference making results.

.Caitlyn Foster.
Caitlyn Foster
Vice President
.Heather Crowell.
Heather Crowell
Executive Vice President, Investor Relations
.Sam Marinelli.
Sam Marinelli
Associate Vice President
.Joe Petrucci.
Joe Petrucci
Staff Writer
.Olivia DeGirolamo.
Olivia DeGirolamo
Assistant Account Executive
.Aislinn Walsh.
Aislinn Walsh
Assistant Account Executive
.Catherine Heinemann.
Catherine Heinemann
Office Coordinator
.Hannah Blank.
Hannah Blank
Assistant Account Executive
.Charity Lacey.
Charity Lacey
Vice President
.Dave Isaac.
Dave Isaac
.Jenna Miele.
Jenna Miele
Production Assistant
.Allie Carroll.
Allie Carroll
Account Supervisor
.Katie Kennedy.
Katie Kennedy
Senior Vice President
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A dynamic publicist. Deeply passionate about telling clients’ stories and advancing clients’ narratives. With nearly 15 years of experience, Katie has a deep network of national and regional media contacts who trust her to deliver thoughtful story ideas. A reliable advisor and seasoned media professional, Katie consistently wins coverage for a wide portfolio of clients. 

.Tova Kaufmann.
Tova Kaufmann
Account Supervisor
.Cate Schrieber.
Cate Schrieber
Assistant Account Executive
.Tara Korintus.
Tara Korintus
Director of Creative Operations
.Olivia Ly.
Olivia Ly
Assistant Account Executive
.Estelle Alperin.
Estelle Alperin
HR/Accounting Manager
.Maria Lynn.
Maria Lynn
Account Executive
.Duke Bartnik.
Duke Bartnik
Senior Account Executive
.Haley Rosa.
Haley Rosa
Vice President
.Christopher Hallowell.
Christopher Hallowell
.Taylor Heron.
Taylor Heron
HR Coordinator
.Brittany Liberatore.
Brittany Liberatore
Senior Vice President, HR & Operations
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Versatile and resourceful. A liaison between the owners and workforce, Brittany is a key communicator responsible for maintaining a positive and productive company culture.  She takes a vision and turns it into reality, executing ideas to elevate the business. An effective problem solver and project manager, Brittany wears many hats, from operations to human resources and everything in between. 

.Katie Vroom.
Katie Vroom
Vice President
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Before joining Gregory FCA, this person did some hard time at QVC.

.Eddie Kraft.
Eddie Kraft
Senior Account Supervisor
.Christine Vecchione.
Christine Vecchione
Senior Designer
.Brittany Bevacqua.
Brittany Bevacqua
Managing Director, New York Office
.Lexie Harkness.
Lexie Harkness
Account Supervisor
.Matt Magliozzo.
Matt Magliozzo
Account Executive
.Caroline Neupauer.
Caroline Neupauer
Senior Social Media Specialist
.Karen Hamill.
Karen Hamill
Senior Account Executive
.Anna Connolly.
Anna Connolly
Assistant Account Executive
.Kellie Manoppello.
Kellie Manoppello
Senior Social Media Specialist
.David Saba.
David Saba
Business Development Director
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With 17 years of public relations experience working with clients in a wide variety of industries, David has a unique perspective when it comes to business development. He’s an expert at evaluating a brand’s existing marketing initiatives and business goals, then working with in-house teams to map out a plan for how Gregory FCA can move mountains. 

.Jackie Sharakyo.
Jackie Sharakyo
.Britni Ackrivo.
Britni Ackrivo
Senior Vice President
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Gregory FCA’s real estate guru. Skilled crisis communicator. Proactive, results-driven planner and PR strategist. Savvy media relations professional with a proven track record of placing high-impact project announcements and carefully-curated thought leadership pieces in major national, local, and trade media. A trusted partner on both external and internal communications.

.Liam McCaffery.
Liam McCaffery
Assistant Account Executive
.Cole Christy.
Cole Christy
Account Director
.Kara Lester.
Kara Lester
Account Supervisor
.Marissa Foy Comerford.
Marissa Foy Comerford
Senior Vice President
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Strategic project manager and skilled communicator with the ability to define and refine processes that get the job done – and get it done well. Marissa designs multifaceted PR and corporate communications campaigns that implement tactical social media plans, robust media relations and strategic content creation and ultimately boost financial services firm visibility and brand awareness.

.Candace McPhillips.
Candace McPhillips
Senior Account Executive
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.Lex Martinez.
Lex Martinez
Digital Marketing Coordinator
.Bernardo Soriano.
Bernardo Soriano
Vice President
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Financial markets enthusiast. Avid storyteller. Bernardo’s 20 year career in financial communications began as a news producer and evolved into a PR strategist. He’s always searching for new and inventive ways to deliver the client’s message for maximum media exposure and stakeholder impact.

.Jason Alsher.
Jason Alsher
Senior Editor
.Nicole Sullivan.
Nicole Sullivan
Associate Vice President
.Hannah Block.
Hannah Block
Account Executive
.Hope Sander.
Hope Sander
Senior Account Executive
.Alex George.
Alex George
Account Supervisor
.Matt McLoughlin.
Matt McLoughlin
Senior Vice President
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Skillful and sophisticated. In his development, execution, and leadership of PR programs, Matt has used his vision of the media landscape and various markets to deliver results for technology clients. He has spent his more than 15-year career as a key player for clients across national, business, consumer, technology, and other media that consistently deliver meaningful results for clients.

.Eleni Finkelstein.
Eleni Finkelstein
Staff Writer
  • We believe deeply in our industry and feel it can benefit dramatically from a workforce and inclusive worldview. Our Junior Associate program traditionally takes on as many as 10 college seniors each year, with the potential to go on to join the firm as full-time professionals. We recognize the positive business impact created by diversity and inclusion in public relations and want to double down on our recruitment efforts through this Diversity Initiative and assure that we are finding the best possible talent.
    Joe Anthony
    Gregory FCA Partner and Co-Owner
  • I can't say enough about the effectiveness of their strategies and the professionalism of their organization. Gregory FCA is one of the pre-eminent public relations firms in the nation.
    Ted Peters
    Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund
  • We selected Gregory FCA because they took the time to understand our investment process and how we wanted to present ourselves to our audience. Since we signed up, they have proceeded to consistently push our message out to key thought leaders, help us tie our message to the news cycle, and make us better at delivering our message effectively. Put simply, they have done a fantastic job.
    Phil Bak
    CEO of Exponential ETFs

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