AI Policy

Gregory FCA has been and always will be a pioneer and early adopter of tech-enabled public relations, including generative AI. To assure the security, authenticity, and originality of AI-derived work, we have company standards and policies that assure for: 

  • Opting out of allowing ChatGPT to use our prompts in training future models.
  • Preventing confidential or private client content to be entered into AI prompts.
  • Anonymizing client information when using AI tools.

To ensure the originality of generative AI work products, Gregory FCA submits machine-generated content through anti-plagiarism software to identify issues.

Finally, it is important to understand that the US Copyright Office does not grant copyright protection for machine-generated work. We ask clients to inform us of content that requires copyright protection so that we can ensure it is not machine-generated.

If clients prefer that we not use generative AI, we are agreeable to that decision with the understanding that it may impact the SOW, pricing, and delivery timelines.