More than 4,000 companies descended on Las Vegas to show off their new tech at CES this week. They haven’t disappointed.

Voice assistants are powering homes, cars, and everything in between. Robot dogs learn new tricks while other robots fold your laundry. Smart homes have gotten smarter, from the Wi-Fi to the plumbing. Electric vehicles and smart car tech are ready to hit the road. TVs are now as big as a wall.

Several members of our tech PR team were on the ground at the show, helping clients earn media coverage. We also gathered some of the most interesting tech we saw at the show, and updated this post throughout the week with some of the best tech at CES 2018.

Here’s what we saw — click the links to jump to that section.

CES Day 2

Clients Oticon and NEOFECT were featured on CNET. Here’s Oticon:


Oticon on CNET at CES 2018

And here’s NEOFECT:


Client Ventev Mobile talked to Digital Trends about wireless charging:


Here’s what we saw on the show floor on day 2:

5G tunnel at CES

CES Day 1

Ultrahaptics VR Modius headset for weight loss


Mindtronic AI

Google at CES 2018

Smart toys at CES 2018

Kid tech at CES 2018

Kid tech robots at CES 2018


Owlet baby tech

Owlet smart sock

Zobox Beacon and Router Rebooter

Cosmo Connected helmet

Racer smart gloves

Fensens wireless parking sensor

Fensens wireless parking sensor accessory

Ellume home medical diagnostics

We also ran into a few familiar faces!

Pepcom Digital Experience!


Kohler Konnect smart mirror

Ventev Mobile at CES 2018

Buoy smart water management system