Collision proved once again why it’s one of the best tech shows around.

It brought together some of the biggest names in media and business along with some of the most interesting new startups.

Here are the highlights of what we heard and saw in New Orleans:

eSports are bigger than real sports

At least according to Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, who points out that the numbers of people watching esports can eclipse the number of people watching NFL games. They’re also redefining the image of a gamer, as Steve Arhanset, co-CEO and owner of Team Liquid, points out:

Unique insights and solving big problems still drive startup success

Principles matter too.

But U.S. startups could also use a hand

Spread your bets when building an audience

Those who put all their eggs in the Facebook basket are hurting right now.

But Flipboard, Instagram Stories, and Reddit are all boosting traffic for Glamour, according to Editor in Chief Samantha Barry.

While it’s important to go after audiences where they are, you have to drive brand loyalty to the properties you own and operate.

As always, know your audience

Matt Kalish, co-founder of DraftKings noted that once you’re clear on who you’re serving, it’s easier to figure out engagement.

Michelle Wilson, co-president of WWE, agreed, advising that you should be careful about how you tell your stories and where. While the WWE’s older demographics still watch on TV, younger viewers are following current wrestlers and learning about legends like Andre the Giant through YouTube.

Collision 2018: Where tech, entrepreneurship, and storytelling collide

What were the highlights of the show for you?