The first Earth Day occurred more than 50 years ago. In the time since, the environmental issues in focus have only grown and changed. Entire industries built around sustainability, natural resource conservation and environmental friendliness have proliferated. At Gregory FCA, we’re privileged to partner with companies making a great environmental impact, in industries ranging from energy to financial services. In honor of Earth Day 2022, here are just some of our clients taking big steps to protect our planet:

1. Ceres is a leading sustainability nonprofit advancing leadership among investors, companies and capital market influencers to drive action on the world’s most pressing sustainability issues. Gregory FCA has worked closely with Ceres’ water team multiple times over the past several years to support their efforts to protect our global water resources. We developed and implemented media strategies for the Ceres Investor Water Toolkit and Feeding Ourselves Thirsty report, and completed a comprehensive messaging project to support the Ceres Valuing Water Finance Initiative. 

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2. Customized Energy Solutions (CES) provides analysis, software and consulting services to energy market retailers/wholesalers, system operators and asset developers to help them navigate the ever-changing market. This work includes developing and informing their clients about new energy technologies that help the world move away from relying on fossil fuels and toward cleaner energy. At Gregory FCA, we work to further CES’ brand exposure and help existing and current clients of the company understand its full range of offerings through media relations and content creation. This case study reveals more details about how Gregory FCA has helped CES become the go-to source for the energy industry.

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3. DSD Renewables develops, finances, owns and operates solar energy solutions for commercial, industrial and municipal clients. DSD has helped companies like IKEA, MGM, Home Depot, T-Mobile and more reduce their carbon footprint through renewable energy solutions, building a path to a more sustainable future. DSD started as a spinoff from General Electric, and Gregory FCA has helped establish their unique brand through media relations and content development, including videos and bylines. This case study shows how we successfully supported their rise to industry leadership.

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4. EOS Linx provides businesses and communities with strategically placed, solar-powered, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. In addition to charging EVs, these stations offer businesses a consistent advertising platform and help keep communities safe. Increased adoption of EV technology means less global reliance on fossil fuels for transportation needs. Gregory FCA provides media relations to help EOS Linx raise awareness of their products and the value they offer to businesses and communities.

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5. Impact Shares is the first 501(c)(3) nonprofit ETF issuer in the U.S. It works with leading environmental and social advocacy organizations to leverage the power of capital to positively impact both investor portfolios and the world around us. Impact Shares partnered with the United Nations Capital Development Fund to launch two ETFs, SDGA and NTZO, dedicated to meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Gregory FCA has worked closely with Impact Shares since their campaign launch in 2018, earning them key media placements and providing social media and video production expertise.

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6. SUEZ — Water Technologies & Solutions offers advanced technologies and chemical solutions to solve the world’s toughest water challenges, including water reuse and waste-recycling solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of their customers and help ensure a sustainable water future. Their technology works to recycle water, reduce energy consumption, protect local ecosystems and more. Gregory FCA supports the mission of SUEZ by earning them media placements, running social media campaigns and creating content such as videos, blog posts and bylines. Check out this case study to learn more about how Gregory FCA transformed SUEZ’s previously technical story into one that would resonate with national media.

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7. VegTech Invest launched its first exchange-traded fund, EATV, in January. EATV invests in plant-based, alternative proteins and climate solutions. The ETF aims to only invest in companies that positively impact planetary, human and animal health. Gregory FCA launched our campaign with VegTech in early April, with a focus on providing the firm and ETF with mainstream exposure, as well as establishing CEO Elysabeth Alfano as a leading expert in food sustainability and changing the global food supply system.

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This Earth Day and every other day, Gregory FCA is proud to support so many great companies that are working to positively impact the environment and the lives of people around the world. We believe clean water and air should be available to everyone, and that renewable energy technologies are pivotal to our planet. Our environmentally focused clients are doing impactful work that helps society move toward a more sustainable future, and we’re thrilled to play a key role in their inspiring missions.