Industry conferences have exploded in popularity in recent years, offering ETF issuers the opportunity to learn, network and sell. As an ETF issuer, you may be seeking to grow your business, attract new investors to your funds or stay at the forefront of industry-disrupting trends. But one thing is for sure: you’re dedicating time, energy and resources to be there, and we want to ensure you make the most of it.

You will often see Gregory FCA team members on the ground at conferences spending time with our ETF clients to capitalize on their industry expertise, leverage their attendance at these prominent events and help them stand out from the crowd. As PR professionals, our conference efforts are rooted in three strategic areas: traditional media, content marketing and social media. Below, we’ve shared examples of how you can put these principles into practice at your next event.

Traditional Media

The media is on-site to cover the conference’s content but our work with the media has proven they’re also there to uncover leads for new stories, ideas and trends. Face time with reporters, be it through formal interviews or informal connections made on the conference floor, is especially crucial at conferences. It cements your relationship with influential members of the ETF and financial press and keeps your firm top of mind for future stories. The expansion of digital media has more reporters looking to create visual content, so seek out an on-camera opportunity. Tap your PR team for suggestions on how to insert your core messaging into these discussions, ensuring you circle back to the product and investors you serve.  

Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy should include unique content development and distribution before, during and after the event. Preview the conference via a tactical blog post, podcast or LinkedIn Pulse piece. Every conference presents the opportunity to isolate a different subset of your audience, so it’s vital that your messaging is directed toward the right group. Our editorial team works with clients to further refine brand messaging, and pen longer-form content pieces to leverage as additional marketing collateral at the event. Finally, close the loop on your time at the conference with a post summarizing key takeaways.

Social Media

Social media is the quickest and most efficient way to highlight your attendance at various events. Make sure your professional network knows you’ll have a presence there by using the official conference hashtag and joining existing conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn. Continue to engage in the conversation and keep a pulse on the event-specific chatter throughout the conference, and prompt those back at the office to do the same. Keep your company in the conversation by live-tweeting panels and sharing photos to increase reach and engagement. After the event, revisit the tag to see how the conversation has evolved since the conference wrapped up. Social is a great resource to engage with those on-site, and uncover potential contacts who may have been excluded from the attendee list.

Conferences offer an invaluable opportunity to grow and can be an incredible investment in your ETF business if you’re strategic in your approach. Using tips from experienced conference-goers, and engaging with a marketing or PR partner, can make the difference between a few days out of the office and a measurable business-building opportunity.