Financial services marketers are constantly being challenged to find new and strategic ways to break through the noise and reach their target audiences. Some of the most successful marketers are those who look beyond their own industry for inspiration. While it’s easy to find examples of campaigns that don’t work (think: Peloton 2019 holiday ad), it may not be as obvious to uncover what does, particularly when peeking into other consumer-focused brands.

In this Financial Services Marketing podcast, my Gregory FCA colleagues Jimmy Moock and Karyn Baldwin talk shop with me as we review recent PR and marketing campaigns that have really stood out and made an impact on their brands’ bottom lines. We’re spotlighting examples from some big industry names, including Wendy’s Twitter pageGoPro’s InstagramPublix supermarket’s holiday commercials and Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom” Olympic ad series, and sharing important lessons for finserv social media marketing, messaging and audience segmentation.

Tune in to the podcast below for our thoughts on which companies are doing it right — and what finserv marketers can learn from them heading into 2020!