The age of AI will upend every industry. It’s already happening, as marketers and communicators grapple with the new reality generative AI has brought to bear in companies from financial services to technology and beyond. 

But while many people are discussing the philosophical, legal, and ethical implications of AI, there are real people using AI right now to achieve things that weren’t possible a year ago. 

Today, we’re launching a new podcast — “The Disruption Is Now” — where we talk to the trailblazers in the age of intelligence to give you a front row seat to the disruption as it’s happening. 

Hosted by Gregory FCA CEO Greg Matusky, “The Disruption Is Now” is a 30-minute conversation with the people who recognize how transformative this moment is and are seizing on the capabilities of generative AI. 

Our first episode, recorded live from the floor of the VOICE & AI Conference, features: 

  • Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom, and a champion of chatbots and conversational AI.
  • Dr. Joe Turow, Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Media Systems & Industries at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, whose work lies at the intersection of marketing, digital media, and society.
  • Chad Gerber, Musician, Founder and Creator, Meloscene, a metaverse platform.
  • Susan Westwater, CEO and Co-Founder of Pragmatic Digital and Strategy Director at Vixen Labs, who recently published the book “Voice Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI to Drive Customer Engagement.” 

Watch now: 

Future guests will include: 

  • Yelena Melamed, Head of Product at, which uses AI to help financial advisors identify top prospects and increase conversions by 2-3x. 
  • Sean Austin, Cofounder and CEO of Helios Life Enterprises, the world’s first polygraph voice AI for corporate earnings. 
  • George Schoenstein, CMO of Fusion Connect, who is harnessing AI to accelerate the company’s marketing efforts

Join us as we explore original and groundbreaking uses of AI, the people making them possible, and the opportunities they present for marketers, communicators, and humanity at large. 

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