In this podcast, Frank Macinsky, vice president of marketing at Robust Wealth in Lambertville, N.J., discusses fundamental aspects of team building with Joe Anthony, president of financial services at Gregory FCA.

“It’s easy to think about what a candidate might bring in terms of their established skill set or the tasks they could execute from day one, but I believe personality is a vital consideration as well, along with how that person fits in with the company culture and values,” relates Macinsky.

For inspiration, he cites the defending Super Bowl champions, his hometown Philadelphia Eagles.

“Even beyond the fact that they brought home the Lombardi Trophy, I think the Eagles exemplified all the qualities of a great team throughout the season. There was a strong emphasis on culture and the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, as they overcame numerous injuries to key players and leveraged the strengths of their teammates to win so many important games.”

For more great team-building perspective from Frank, check out the podcast below!