AI is ready to change the way brands engage and retain audiences, elevating customer experiences with more personalized interactions.

That’s what Mike Gadsby, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at O3 World, has been working on, and in this episode of The Disruption is Now, he talks with host Greg Matusky about the practical applications of AI in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining business operations.

What emerges is a wide-ranging conversation on the impacts of AI, from rethinking and redesigning website interfaces to evangelizing AI adoption among college students to generational shifts in the perceived value of AI work compared to human endeavor. 

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Key takeaways: 

AI is transforming customer experiences through personalization and automation

Mike detailed how O3 World leverages AI to understand customer journeys and eliminate friction points in interactions with brands. By mapping out personas and customer journeys, they use AI to automate processes and personalize experiences, making each customer’s journey unique and seamless. 

For instance, Mike mentioned the development of digital solutions that anticipate customer needs and preferences, improving the overall customer experience by creating better interactions between businesses and their customers.

Generative AI enhances productivity and creativity, leveling the playing field

Greg shared insights from a study on how generative AI tools like ChatGPT can significantly increase the work quality and efficiency of consultants. By equipping less experienced team members with AI tools, they were able to produce work nearly indistinguishable from their more experienced counterparts. This democratization of skill and creativity highlights the power of AI to enhance productivity and foster innovation within teams.

Adapting to AI is required for future success

Both Greg and Mike emphasized the critical importance of integrating AI into business strategies and operations. Mike’s company actively explores AI’s potential across various projects, from competitive analysis to content creation. They discussed the importance of being forward-thinking and embracing AI to stay relevant and successful.

AI can improve employee skills development and mental health

Greg highlighted an interesting facet of AI adoption in the workplace: its positive impact on employees’ mental health and professional development. 

By providing tools that enable employees to produce high-quality work efficiently, AI helps boost their confidence and job satisfaction. This aspect of AI adoption not only contributes to a more productive workforce but also promotes a healthier work environment by reducing stress and enhancing self-esteem among employees. 

This example underscores the broader benefits of AI beyond operational efficiency, highlighting its role in creating a more supportive and empowering workplace culture.

There are no easy answers around content creation and copyright in the AI era

The conversation touched upon the challenges and opportunities AI presents in content creation, particularly around copyright issues. 

As AI technologies enable the production of content at unprecedented scales and speeds, the industry faces new challenges in determining content ownership and copyright. Mike and Greg discussed the necessity for the communications and marketing industry to adapt to these changes, advocating for a balanced approach that respects creators’ rights while leveraging AI’s capabilities to enrich content strategies. 

This discussion illuminates the complexities of integrating AI into content creation, emphasizing the need for professionals to stay informed and adapt to the evolving legal and ethical landscape.

Key moments:

● Overview of O3 World (2:03)
● Generative AI boosts consulting industry output (3:50)
● How Mike is using generative AI (5:04)
● Personalization of websites through conversational AI (7:23)
● Home improvement as an example of eliminating friction (10:09)
● Mike’s take on Rabbit, the AI hardware product (12:48)
● The importance of humans in the age of AI (16:03)
● Will future generations share the same values? (18:11)
● How entertainment will evolve as free time increases (21:00)
● The evolution of copyright in the AI era (22:07)
● Training and AI adoption among students and the workforce (24:40)