Most marketers still start AI conversations by talking about risks and limitations. The CMO of Fusion Connect, however, leads with efficiency and time savings.

George Schoenstein is using AI across his marketing department to enable his entire team to work smarter and faster. From summarizing calls to analyzing data to answering queries from coworkers, AI has saved Fusion Connect’s marketing team countless hours of work.

But this kind of AI adoption is more the exception than the rule in marketing. Schoenstein reveals most marketers are still massively underestimating AI’s potential.

In the latest episode of The Disruption Is Now, he shares with host Greg Matusky his best advice for leaders and practitioners to get up to speed with AI.

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Key takeaways: 

AI automation frees up strategic time

George highlights how AI can automate repetitive and tedious tasks like analyzing sales emails and summarizing recorded meetings. For example, he discussed using AI to filter replies to email campaigns, sorting out-of-office emails from those that require follow-up. This saves significant time manually reviewing hundreds of emails.

AI meeting summarization also enables digging into key discussion topics without having to re-watch full meeting recordings. Automating these mundane tasks enables marketing and sales teams to focus their time on more impactful strategic initiatives and campaigns.

Prompt engineering drives AI consistency

Taking the time to refine and test prompts leads to much higher quality and consistent output from AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney. George explained how his team has become highly skilled at crafting prompts to get predictable, high-quality images from Midjourney for use across their website and events.

Microsoft Is Rapidly Rolling Out AI Features

Microsoft 365 has extensive AI capabilities already embedded that can benefit end users. George highlighted features like meeting transcription, summarization, and action item identification that continue to improve and provide tremendous time savings without requiring technical skills. With Microsoft adding new features every day, the company is rapidly building and deploying AI into its 365 platform.

Leaders must use AI to drive adoption

George emphasized that leaders need to actively use and experiment with AI tools to understand capabilities and effectively drive adoption across their organizations. Teams won’t adopt these tools if leaders don’t set an example. George discusses how he tests new AI features and shares compelling use cases across departments.

He advises marketers to try out tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and others to augment their own capabilities. Testing use cases and sharing success stories help spread AI adoption.

Key moments:

● How Fusion Connect is using AI in marketing and beyond (1:52)
● Who is “Mark Eting”? (3:08)
● How George is using AI for content (5:56)
● Example of prompt engineering for consistent AI-generated images (6:45)
● How Fusion Connect is driving adoption of AI (9:31)
● Improving workflow with AI (11:38)
● Microsoft 365’s extensive built-in AI capabilities (13:23)
● Advice for marketing leaders on driving AI adoption (19:05)