Using AI to Advance PR: What’s Possible Now and What’s Next

AI has gotten mixed reviews among PR practitioners. While some continue to harp on the risks, others are already using new tools to accelerate their workflows.

In this episode of The Disruption Is Now, host Greg Matusky talks with Thibault Peulen, Managing Director at Cap & Cime PR, a fellow PR and agency leader, and a champion of AI.

They unpack all the implications of AI for modern communications and reveal how they’re each using AI today — from faster reporting to customized media pitches. But while AI amplifies the capabilities of PR pros, Thibault and Greg emphasize that human relationships, messaging expertise, and strategic counsel remain the heart of PR.

Their conversation offers an insider’s view on how the promise of AI is playing out in PR and where it’s headed next.

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Key takeaways: 

AI transforms PR workflows and efficiency

Both Greg and Thibault gave examples of how generative AI is transforming core PR tasks and workflows, from summarizing long reports to drafting content to developing messaging to analyzing media coverage. Each enables agencies to complete repetitive tasks faster and focus on more strategic thinking and relationships.

Transparency with clients builds trust and appreciation

Thibault stressed the importance of being fully transparent with clients about the use of generative AI to maintain ethical practices and build trust. Rather than seeing AI as a danger, clients often appreciate learning from PR experts about the technology’s capabilities and potential applications, a new level of value agencies can provide.

Human skills remain vital

With the rise of AI, human skills like relationship building, messaging strategy, and creative thinking still represent the core value that PR pros provide. As Thibault said, AI should be viewed as a tool to complement human intelligence and abilities. AI does not replace the “human brains of communicators” or strategic messaging skills developed over years of experience.

Effective pitches are unique to each reporter

Greg and Thibault agreed today’s fragmented media landscape requires tailored, data-driven pitches. AI can help agencies quickly find unique story angles and customize pitches to make them more relevant for each reporter’s beat and preferences.

Pricing shifts from billable hours to value

Since AI can complete some tasks faster, Thibault noted that billable hour pricing models will need to change. As productivity rises, fees should reflect the value and quality of messaging, storytelling, and relationships, not how much time an agency spent on them.

Key moments:

● Thibault explains how his agency first started using ChatGPT (3:24)
● How Thibault is testing AI tools for different PR processes (5:34)
● Data analysts vs storytellers and the importance of human intervention (8:02)
● Which PR professionals AI is most helpful for right now (9:29)
● The challenge of AI media pitches (10:30)
● How to increase the relevancy of pitches (12:38)
● What’s next for AI in PR (16:51)
● The importance of transparency when using AI (19:31)
● Does AI threaten agency revenue streams? (22:00)