The top cybersecurity news stories of 2020 have included privacy concerns over Zoom and TikTok, major breaches at organizations like Honda and the Department of Health and Human Services, and stories about President Trump and Jeff Bezos as hackers’ victims.

That’s just the first half of a year that’s been anything but ordinary. By now you know that any PR and marketing plans need to be flexible and quickly adaptable as news cycles suddenly spin in new directions.

Despite the unpredictability, we’re going to make some predictions. Based on what we’ve seen in the first half of the year, and events we know are approaching, we think the following stories and trends will be among the most covered and shared in the next six months. Each offers opportunities for your company to earn coverage, if you have the right story at the right time.

Impact of covid-19 on security

  • Expect to see more branches of this story, including remote work issues, successful attacks due to pandemic complications, and more.
  • Opportunity: If you can connect your messaging, data, research, or news to the ongoing pandemic, you can find opportunities.

Election security

  • This was going to be the story of the year, before the global pandemic hit. Expect to hear more about election security as November 3 approaches.
  • Opportunity: What stories do you have around election security? The time isn’t quite right yet, but line up any research for later this summer and early fall

Major breaches and threats/vulnerabilities

  • While there will be stories related to covid-19, there will also continue to be general breaches that offer the opportunity to supply the media with data and perspective.
  • Opportunity: If you have relevant background or data, don’t hesitate. When news breaks, you have to react quickly. We often are in contact with reporters on behalf of our clients within minutes of a story breaking.

The new skills gap

  • The skills gap story gets a new wrinkle thanks to covid-19. The roles and skills organizations require will shift in response to accelerated change and new needs.
  • Opportunity: What roles are you hiring? How is your hiring shifting? How are you future-proofing your organization or helping your customers stay ahead of the curve? There could be a story there.

Accelerating tech and cybersecurity trends

  • Coronavirus has sped up the evolution of tech and cybersecurity, as years of evolution have been crammed into months.
  • Opportunity: What does that look like for your organization or your customers? What counterintuitive developments are arising among customers, hackers, and others?

There will also be plenty of other opportunities that arise as news breaks and stories evolve. Get in touch and let’s talk through your PR strategy for the rest of the year and how we can help you convert on more opportunities, especially in top-tier media.