​The annual MarketCounsel Summit brings together the best and brightest in the industry, from investment advisers to service providers and leading journalists. Gregory FCA covered every angle of this year’s influential event in Las Vegas, with hot topics ranging from industry consolidation to the expanding role of the fiduciary, as well as changing client expectations in a “Netflix and Amazon world.”

In this exclusive video, Gregory FCA Director of Broadcast Services Julie Parise conducted insightful on-site interviews with a number of industry leaders including Brian Hamburger, founder & CEO of MarketCounsel; Rich Gill, senior partner at Wealth Partners Capital Group; Terry Mullen, founder & CEO of Truelytics; Phyllis Borzi, thought leader; Dale Brown, president & CEO of Financial Services Institute; Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group Holdings; and David Selig, founder and CEO of Advice Dynamics Partners. Click below to see what they had to say!