Is it just me, or are you getting invited to a slew of webinars on the regular? While webinars can be very effective for prospecting and marketing, the deluge of virtual events in this “new normal” has left the financial industry in a fuzzy state of webinar fatigue. 

If your webinars don’t quickly captivate attendees, you’re going to get drop-off fast. With distractions plentiful and time limited, you need to make your webinar stand out. Below are some helpful tips to keep your audience engaged:

  1. Provide visuals: Graphics. Memes. Videos. Pictures. Charts. Where possible, incorporate visuals instead of, or in addition to, words to keep your content interesting and your webinar visually appealing. For example, this webinar produced by Amplify ETFs, a Gregory FCA client, makes very effective use of infographics, pictures and charts. 
  2. Keep it short: Studies show the number of meetings has increased 13% during the pandemic, meaning people have less time — and shorter attention spans — to devote to your webinar. Try to cover your heavy content in a half hour or less, leaving time at the end for questions. If you can’t get through all of your content within that period of time, consider offering a series of shorter webinars covering related topics. 
  3. Add value: As much as you might want to talk about your product/service the whole time, the best way to attract webinar viewers is by offering value — something your viewers can benefit from. Be intentional about delivering something to your audience that will truly make them better off for tuning in. 
  4. Maintain audience engagement: Be sure to incorporate multiple speakers to keep your audience’s attention longer. Also, consider making your webinar interactive by utilizing polls or carving out a specific portion of time for audience engagement. Finally, don’t shy away from incorporating humor! Everyone loves a good joke — especially in a corporate setting.

Need help sprucing up your webinar strategy? Reach out! Gregory FCA offers a full range of creative services and can help with anything and everything from webinar development to infographics and beyond. 

To your webinar success!