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Analyst firm Gartner expects global IT spending to exceed $4 billion in 2021, with companies in every sector and vertical relying on technology more and more each year. Whether you’re a large provider or a startup, competition for awareness and visibility among prospects is greater than ever. To gain an edge, you need a communications partner that understands the nuances of your market, has deep experience supporting a range of technology companies, and has a long history of results for clients. 

Gregory FCA has a rich history representing some of the most influential companies in technology. Our team has worked across data center systems, enterprise software, devices, IT services, and telcom. As a result of our experience and the pervasive nature of enterprise IT, we’ve maintained relationships with key contacts across national, business, technology, and vertical media. As a result, we consistently generate results in high-impact media like CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Forbes, and more.

What a lot of companies don’t know is that the enterprise IT media landscape has seen dramatic shifts over the last several years. As students of the media and experts in how tech companies communicate, Gregory FCA knows how to employ specific strategies and integrated PR programs to achieve your goals. By taking advantage of different types of media relations, using the written word, streaming video, and in-person speaking opportunities, we can support you by optimizing your reach and influence.

Here are the services we offer:

Comprehensive enterprise tech message development

Our teams know how to translate technology into effective messages for earned, owned, and paid media. We can help you build and distribute compelling and effective messages as essential elements of influencing your stakeholders.

Intensive enterprise tech media training

How you tell a story is just as important as the story itself. We’ve worked with global enterprises and startups alike to develop and hone their storytelling abilities. Our state-of-the-art studio provides an ideal setting for remote and in-person interview simulations.

Enterprise tech media outreach and placement

Technology and business media have a keen interest in the ways companies are driving business results, especially where technology is involved. National and industry media placements provide a critical and unmatched element of credibility to any communications plan.

Enterprise tech content development

The enterprise IT industry has increasingly relied on a multi-platform content strategy. The tech media is looking for thought leadership from executives who can provide insights on the latest news and trends, a highly effective way to reach your audience. And other platforms have given companies a chance to develop and market content, targeting specific audiences with nuanced messages. Written content, video series, and podcasts all provide opportunities to share information about your unique product offering or service as well as to position your company’s thought leaders as experts in their area of focus.

Enterprise tech Social media marketing

The companies we represent are keen on engaging with clients, potential clients, media, and influencers to shape the public conversation. Content, media results, events, and more can be leveraged to reach and engage with your audiences, and targeted campaigns can drive results.

Enterprise tech award and speaking engagements

The range of events and awards available to tech companies is vast, so you need a team with expertise to identify the most efficient and effective use of your resources to gain third-party validation and get in front of key decision-makers. Further, you need a team that knows how to promote your product or service and your company in line with these opportunities. Gregory FCA can help you navigate decision-making around these awards and events, the submissions associated with these opportunities, on-site support at events, and more.

Enterprise tech analyst relations

Gregory FCA has extensive experience working with a wide range of analyst groups to help clients achieve their goals. From paid relationships with specific analysts to more organic engagements to increase awareness, those efforts have helped companies position themselves for awareness among key decision-makers.

Measurement and reporting

Just as your customers have become more focused on measurement and analytics, PR firms have more tools than ever to determine the effectiveness of programs and constantly optimize efforts to deliver consistent results. Gregory FCA will establish KPI metrics and benchmarks at the start of the campaign and align these against your established business objectives. We’ll track our performance and adjust accordingly to deliver and substantiate ROI.


enterprise tech pr  testimonial

  • I’ve done PR for a number of years all over the world, and until now, American public relations has been quite the joke. Until I met Gregory FCA. Gregory FCA stands out from day-to-day media outreach to the way they think beyond traditional borders in their approach and push us to be better, finding new opportunities and getting us to try things we haven’t done in the past. I have a great amount of trust in everyone on the team. But the bottom line is that they deliver. We’ve seen great results, and that’s what it’s all about.
    Erik Snider
    Director of Corporate Communications, NICE Systems

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