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The future has come to the financial services industry. Yesterday’s frontier experiments and nice-to-haves are today’s table stakes, and the world rewards entrepreneurs and businesses that are driving the waves of change. Embracing the future looks different for every business: Some need M&A transaction partners or sustainable exit plans, while others might seek private funding, a public offering, or a growing user base. But it always requires crystal-clear storytelling to consumers and industry partners.

Gregory FCA has spent more than two decades surfacing both financial and technology firms in top-tier business media, and our fintech public relations program marries our expertise in both industries. With strategies rooted in media relations, content, social media, and digital marketing, we catapult wealth tech, payments tech, cryptocurrency, and other fintech companies into the national spotlight. 

We help you achieve your goals through:

Fintech PR Message Development

What is it that you do? What challenges does your technology solve? And most importantly, which audiences need to understand how you’re changing the financial services world? We ask the tough questions and help you develop messages that will resonate most with the audiences you serve.

Fintech PR Media Training

Through our rigorous media training curriculum and simulations, we empower you and your spokespeople to understand the media landscape and the rules of engagement. We’ll teach you how to artfully answer any question while conveying your story and message to your most important audiences. With our training, you’ll be able to turn any media opportunity into breakthrough exposure.

Fintech PR Media & Influencer Relations

We’ve spent years engendering real relationships with key producers, reporters, analysts, and influencers across the ecosystem. They turn to us for ideas, leaders, story ideas and hard news that speak to the trends people face in their financial lives today.

Fintech Awards & Speaking Opportunities

Industry and national publications recognize fintech firms for creative problem-solving, innovative technology, and industry leadership. We’ll identify the most relevant and impactful awards that give you another credible platform to show your audiences how you’re changing the world.

Fintech Issues Management

Corporate and client issues arise across every industry, which is why our team is exceptionally poised to assist with plan preparedness and development—everything from spokespeople identification to message deployment to pre- and post-issue communication efforts.

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Using integrated storytelling to differentiate investment strategy

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  • I can't say enough about the effectiveness of their strategies and the professionalism of their organization. Gregory FCA is one of the pre-eminent public relations firms in the nation.
    Ted Peters
    Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund

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