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Investor Relations is a game of visibility. Those companies that command the greatest awareness and best reputations command the highest valuations. 

At Gregory FCA, we know Investor Relations PR. We understand the Investment Community and what they want in a great stock. We have long-standing relationships with analysts, portfolio managers and other investors that take our calls and listen to our pitches. This deep industry knowledge has allowed us to develop a solid reputation with investors who trust and depend on us for providing quality information in an easily digestible form. We deliver the goods in analyst coverage well beyond the expected.

Our Investor Relations PR team consists of content development, targeting and strategy experts who can elevate your IR initiatives and win the market exposure and credibility your firm deserves and potential investors respect. 

Let our Investor Relations PR team help you gain the market exposure you deserve. Among our many investor relations service offerings we provide:

Comprehensive PR message development

Investors want simple, easy to understand stories. How do you synthesize your years of experience, sophisticated products, and expansive marketing plans into succinct messages that resonate and engage? We are highly skilled in distilling stories long and short, complex and more modest in terms that attract attention. We know how to effectively communicate your intrinsic value in the language of Wall Street in stories that are memorable and enduring.

Investor relations PR content development

Whether it’s press releases, FactSheets, Investor Decks or increasingly blog posts, social media or video productions, we create assets that tell full and compelling stories.

Investor outreach

Our Investor Relations PR team is constantly in the market communicating with analysts, portfolio managers and HNW investors identifying trends and motivations driving investor behavior. We can turn the tables for you, using this firsthand knowledge to essentially prequalify targets, and to get your story in front of those investors we know are going to like what they hear.

Presentation training

Are you certain you are capitalizing on your investor interaction to elicit the desired response? You are the ultimate “closer” and through our intense training sessions, we will provide tips and techniques that raise your batting average. Our process enables our clients to tell a more compelling story, the kind that communicates confidence and competence and that gets investors to act.

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