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The RIA industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth, with the number of SEC-registered advisors hitting a record high in 2019. While the growth prompts wider recognition of this facet of the financial services industry, it also creates business challenges in standing out and winning market share. Advisors are looking for opportunities to differentiate among the competition and ensure their offerings, expertise, and team repeatedly win business.

Gregory FCA has worked with some of the largest and most prominent RIAs in the country to develop their unique brands, facilitate a coordinated marketing strategy, develop original brand content that builds on the narrative, and increase brand awareness. We have over two decades of experience as a dedicated RIA PR agency and immerse ourselves in the latest trends and news driving the industry. We align ourselves closely with our clients’ teams to position ourselves as an extension of their marketing team and a vital partner in building their brand.

We have cultivated strong relationships in all areas of the media, positioning our clients as experts on investment and wealth management strategies and telling their story in top-tier national business and consumer publications and industry trade outlets. We also provide in-depth media training and coaching to ensure each opportunity is optimized with strategic messaging and smart commentary.

Standing out among competition and ensuring your firm gets noticed require a strategic approach. We offer:

RIA Media relations and corporate narrative building

In a crowded landscape, it’s vital that your company’s narrative is unique and you properly target your intended audience. We have decades of experience in leveraging earned media and company newsflow to support companies’ branding and story, while directing your message to your audience.

Comprehensive messaging development and management for RIAs

Telling a compelling story comes down to strong and cohesive messaging. We work directly with company spokespeople to define and refine core messaging points and coach you on how to use them.

Intensive RIA media training

How do you speak to your peers in trade media and sophisticated investors in mainstream media audiences? We work with our clients via intensive media training sessions and ongoing coaching to help them optimize every media opportunity into a vital exposure platform for your RIA firm.

RIA M&A communications process management

Consolidation of the RIA industry means there are some major players in the M&A space. How does an acquisitive RIA spotlight every transaction in a way that builds on the growth narrative and showcases the unique company culture? We have a strategic and thoughtful process that we implement for our clients every day.

RIA content development

The difference between a good message and a great message is found in original content. Whether it’s blog posts, bylined articles, press releases, social media, video production, or our proprietary Here + Now videos, we produce the assets that allow RIA firms to tell compelling stories.




Bringing an “inconsistent” RIA brand to the regional and national forefront

ria pr agency testimonial

  • Gregory FCA’s financial services expertise has allowed MAI’s PR campaign to hit the ground running! Thanks to introductions to leading industry outlets and effective media opportunities, we have raised MAI’s profile while maintaining a targeted and disciplined approach. The Gregory FCA team is fantastic, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership.
    Rick Buoncore
    Managing Partner, MAI Capital


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