Digital Marketing

The Gregory FCA digital marketing team has over 40 years combined experience in helping companies achieve business, marketing, and communications objectives across digital channels. Our programs seamlessly integrate with and complement existing initiatives to ensure all efforts are working toward the same goal while amplifying, supporting, and increasing the effectiveness of each. Through a “humanized machine-learning” approach that uses data-driven principles, we’re constantly evaluating what’s working and what’s not for continuous optimization of each tactic within your digital marketing program. From initial awareness to sales qualified leads, and the complex journey in between, our suite of services ensures your marketing efforts contribute to bottom line revenue generation while demonstrating clear, measurable ROI.

Email Marketing Programs

Our email marketing programs keep your audiences engaged, abreast of the latest happenings at your company, and serve as an effective method to guide them through the buyer’s journey. From subject lines, copy, and design to best times to send and conversion rate optimization, every component of our email marketing program is focused on helping you build and nurture meaningful relationships with customers and prospects alike. We use a combination of deliberate, carefully crafted content backed by data-driven measurement to better understand your readers’ interests and behaviors for ongoing optimization and performance improvement. Whether you’re looking to develop a monthly newsletter that keeps readers informed and your company top of mind, or are ready to further develop your lead gen and marketing automation initiatives, our deep expertise and range of offerings will help you achieve meaningful KPIs and clear ROI.

Our services include:  

  • Audience segmentation and list management
  • Email list growth
  • Email program development – from newsletter to nurture – developed by certified email marketing experts
  • Custom email template design
  • Email marketing automation and drip campaigns
  • Email copy that drives engagement and action
  • Ongoing measurement, in-depth analytics, and optimization recommendations
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization

SEO Services

We help you increase your organic traffic for the keywords and phrases that matter most. Our SEO services focus on providing you with in-depth analysis, audits, keyword research, content recommendations, and more to increase your visibility and reach. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic or become an industry authority, we can help, with the following SEO services:

  • Competitive analysis, benchmarking you against your vertical and key competitors
  • Comprehensive keyword research and content optimization
  • Review of crosslinks and backlink opportunities
  • Comprehensive SEO audit of an existing or new website, with full report on potential enhancements
  • Monthly analysis of SEO enhancements and ongoing review of SEO campaigns
  • Backlink building programs that tie in with PR initiatives
  • Social link/post strategies to increase the number of links coming to pages

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

With a deep understanding of marketing’s role in driving revenue, our experienced lead generation team has delivered tens of thousands of qualified leads for B2B companies across dozens of industries. Using a results-driven content strategy, we earn the attention of your targeted audience and guide them through an oftentimes complex buyer’s journey with valuable assets that educate, inform, and influence their decision-making process. Our programs incorporate a holistic, integrated approach and utilize various types of content, including social media, email marketing, gated content, and multimedia that serve as resources for your prospects. We don’t just focus on metrics or tactics; we’re driven by outcomes that include the number of leads generated per month, number of leads nurtured into sales qualification, and increased conversion rates across assets. 

Our ROI-driven lead generation campaigns include:

  • Buyer persona development
  • Content analysis and gap identification
  • Development of landing pages designed to drive conversions
  • Owned asset and multimedia development 
  • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
  • Marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Paid advertising campaigns, including social media and SEM, that drive targeted traffic to lead-generating assets
  • Lead scoring consultation and set up
  • Integration with other initiatives, from email to tradeshows, to ensure a cohesive approach to driving and nurturing leads

Marketing Automation

Today’s marketers are tasked with driving more and higher quality leads than ever before. The experts at Gregory FCA help you face this demand with a data-driven approach through the entire cycle, from new prospect to sales qualified lead to measurable ROI. Understanding the three key objectives of today’s marketers—new business development, lead generation, and lead quality—we work hand-in-hand with your team to craft a cohesive and personalized approach to marketing automation that closely aligns with other marketing, communications, and sales initiatives.

With professionally developed landing pages, progressive profiling, and strategic marketing automation workflows, we generate and nurture the leads that are most likely to convert. Whether it’s your latest whitepaper or an upcoming webinar, a detailed report or a product demo, here’s how we guide prospects through today’s long and often complex sales cycles:

  • Development of effective and measurable lead generation campaigns
  • Lead scoring, qualification, and assignment of SQLs to sales reps through a closely aligned automation program and sales CRM
  • Progressive profiling forms for valuable intel on your prospects
  • Using content and automation to build relationships and high-quality leads, we help increase the value of your database
  • Deliver action-triggered email communications that resonate with your audiences 
  • Maximize the value of your owned assets and overall content marketing program

Paid Advertising/Retargeting

Through engaging copy, high-quality creative, and detailed audience targeting, we’ve delivered over 1M targeted clicks and highly qualified prospects using paid social media. Whether you’re looking to generate leads from your latest whitepaper, increase registrations for an upcoming webinar, or let the world know about your latest product, our comprehensive social advertising services help maximize your ROAS while reaching the exact audience you’re looking to engage. From short-term campaigns to longer-term full-funnel campaigns designed to move prospects through the entire buyer’s journey, we’re experts in developing some of the industry’s best performing paid social media campaigns.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive discovery and audit to establish goals, KPIs, and buyer personas. 
  • Customized social advertising strategies unique to your goals and budget
  • Custom audience set up – email lists, website retargeting, account based audiences, lookalike audiences
  • Copywriting services 
  • Creative, including images and video
  • A/B testing and ongoing optimization of all aspects of the ads
  • Transparent reporting and analysis so you know exactly how your budget is being spent

If you have any questions about our digital marketing services or capabilities, feel free to contact us.